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Every time people visit your facility or clinic is an opportunity to impress and provide assurance about the quality of your care. Subtle details like branded uniforms and matching name tags help people build confidence in their choice of healthcare provider, whether it's a large facility or small clinic.

Branded Apparel Specialists

Providing your staff with branded uniforms identifies them as part of your team. Comfortable, durable and machine washable, our uniforms are a cut above, which is why we have them in-store so you can try them on and feel the fabric for yourself

Promote Your Brand

Promotional products such as magnets, mugs and pens help to engage potential clients, welcome new patients or residents and encourage word-of-mouth referrals. Our friendly, expert staff can help you choose a product mix that will help you meet your business needs.

Name Tags & Badges

Badges and nametags personalise your workplace, help people connect with your staff and support security measures. With hundreds of colours and styles to choose from, it is easy to build your brand while putting a name to a face.

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